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Poker chips

Chips and Games is your source for the broadest and highest-quality selection of poker chips. Our collection includes chips in a range of colors, materials, shapes, and designs.

  • European style rectangular poker chips plaques

    These dice design rectangular poker chips are similar to European plaque poker chips and are about 3 times heavier than regular round poker chips. ...

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Clay Poker Chips and More

Along with traditional casino chips, our collection includes unique finds like:

  • Clay poker chips
  • Clay poker chips feel and sound more authentic, stack better, are easier to shuffle and add a high level of quality and professionalism. Fall in love with the authenticity and satisfying hand-feel of 100% clay chips.

  • Rectangular poker chips
  • Are you hosting a high-stakes game or charity event? Rectangular poker chips, also known as European poker chips, include higher denominations than round chips. They are the heaviest chips available and very simple to stack for ease of gameplay.

  • Dice design poker chips
  • Get more bang for your buck with dice-design poker chips. You can use these all-purpose casino chips in a variety of games and activities. They are ideal for your game night or casino-themed charity event.

If you can imagine a color combination, we probably have it. Transform your home poker game or casino night event into a classy, high-end affair. Start by browsing the best poker chips available online.

Poker Chip Weight

Classic poker chips, like those you’d find at a casino, tend to weigh about 8.5-9 grams. In contrast, we offer 11.5 to 14 gram poker chips. Other chips have weights of up to 32 grams! We believe these heftier chips add a level of quality and professionalism capable of elevating any home game or event.

Custom Poker Chips

Are you looking for something more unique? Go above and beyond and customize your poker chips to include logos, messages, graphics, and more.

Nearly every product on this page is available for personalization. Visit our custom poker chips section to buy a custom set of poker chips. They are ideal for corporate promotional events but also make great gifts for home poker aficionados.

We do more than customize individual chips. Shop our poker chip sets and poker chip cases for higher quantities and more custom options.

Beyond Texas Hold’em

To host a successful casino-themed event, you’ll need to do more than buy poker chips. You’ll find everything else you need at Chips and Games. Browse our playing cards, chip trays, and casino accessories.