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custom poker chips

I think the fun part of playing poker is trading chips and betting on them. So it’s an important thing for me that how my chips look like. This is why we offer you to buy Custom poker chips because you can easily choose how your chips look like.

 for example, you can put a picture of your friend on the chips and make fun of it in the game just for joking or you can put your brand logo or advertisement on the chips to make a great awareness ad with your custom poker chips. You can choose your custom poker chips with different themes and colors for more information check our product page.

How many poker chips do you start with?

Actually, it depends on the number of players and your poker set. The short answer is 50 chips for each player but this number is based on a normal poker chip set that contains 300 poker chips and it's enough for 5 players.   

What kind of chips do casinos use?

They use ceramic chips in the casino. You can use ceramic chips and customize them for your house but we don’t recommend it because it’s not an economic offer for playing with your friends and it's expensive.

Ceramic poker chips are Sometimes referred to clay or clay composite but they are not really clay.

The fun fact is that every casino got its customized poker chips so this means they use custom poker chips.

Different materials for poker chips 

There are 5 general kinds of material that poker chips are made of

  • plastic
  • faux clay
  • clay
  • clay composite
  • ceramic

plastic poker chips 

This kind of poker chip is made with plastic and the main difference between this type and the others is in the diameter. They are thinner than the normal poker chips and this factor makes the counting harder for players.

Clay poker chips

These poker chips are made of clay, sand, and chalk. These materials make chips so durable and comfortable in hands. so because of that, we recommend you to use clay type for your custom poker chips. These chips are high quality rated you can check our product by clicking here.

Clay composite poker chips

these chips are made of plastic and clay combination and extra metal for inside it for weight.

what is the material for custom poker chips 

It actually depends on your choice. You should think about that which one is better for you. If I was buying custom poker chips, I would choose clay composite because it’s not expensive as clay but also it has a good quality for house playing. You can also contact us to help you with shopping.

Are heavier poker chips better? 

We can’t say that because there is no standard weight for chips. Casino chips' weight is something like 10 grams but even this isn’t something fix. For example, clay chips are 10 grams and ceramic chips are near 10 grams. So the weight is not a good factor for quality checking.

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