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Ceramic poker chips with custom edges

Looking for a fully customized poker chip? Ceramic poker chips are fully customizable on the faces as well as the trim & edge. The only way to create your own unique poker chip and put text/images on the trim of the chips. Our ceramic poker chips range in size from 1.5" to 1.85". Please make sure to view the ceramic poker chips instructional PDF we have available for download if you are designing a custom edge.

A bit of education on ceramic poker chips and the customization process.  Ceramic poker chips are not made of ceramic as the name implies.  They are in fact made of high density plastic polymers that mimic the sound and feel of ceramic, but are much more durable and will not break.  It is a favorite of poker pros and many casinos in Las Vegas and across the country use similar chips.  The customization on ceramic poker chips is done using dye sublimation printing.  The image is directly printed on the chips under a high heat chemical process that embeds the image under the surface of the chip so the imprint can not be scratched or damaged and there is no label to peel off or get damaged.  Due to the dye sublimation process, the final imprint result will be a bit duller than the original artwork provided.  

Standards size Ceramic poker chips that are the same size as casino chips have a 39mm (1.53 inch) diameter and weigh about 10 grams.  Larger 43mm(1.69 inch) chips weigh approximately 12 grams, and the larger 47mm (1.85 inch) chips weigh approximately 14 grams each.  Unlike most 11.5 gram or heavier chis on the market, there is no metal insert inside ceramic chips to make them heavier.