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Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle playing cards

Bicycle playing cards are some of the nicest paper cards made. With great quality, as good as you can expect for paper cards, they will make any poker game fun. There are many different design of Bicycle playing cards and two main sizes. Those sizes would be poker size and bridge size. Although they are called bridge size players usually use them for poker games. Each size would also have two different print sizes which is regular index or jumbo index. Jumbo index cards have a larger print and are easier to see for people that have sight problems. Bicycle also makes many different card designs based on special characters, events, sports and organizations. These may include Elvis Presley cards, Marilyn Monroe, Coca Cola, Jack Daniel, Nascar, Playboy or any other events. When planning a poker party Bicycle playing cards would make a great addition to your poker accessories. If you are looking for an even more premium set of playing cards, we recommend plastic playing cards such as Da Vinci Playing Cards.