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Buy Wholesale Poker Chips

Selling poker chips and casino items is a really lucrative business for those thinking of starting their own business and sell directly. We sell wholesale poker supplies and wholesale casino supplies to other businesses. Poker and especially Texas Hold'em is taking the nation by storm and this is the perfect time to cash in on this craze. You could either sell on a web-site, brick & mortar store, mall carts, by mailers or any other method. When dealing with wholesale of any kind you just need to figure out for yourself if you have a good market for what you want to sell and if it is worth the risk of venturing into the certain business. Some people think that they can buy wholesale poker chips and other gambling related items for resale on eBay and make a profit but that is not always true. Although there are many sellers on eBay selling poker chips and other related items at low prices you have to realize that most of them are direct importers and that is why their prices are so low so it will be really hard for an average seller to compete with them even if you buy yours at wholesale prices.

If you want to buy wholesale poker chips then you have come to the right place. We offer wholesale casino supply to those customers that have a Business and wish to purchase products from us for resale. If interested please fax us the following information (fax # 678-867-6858):

copy of your valid State reseller tax certificate or Business License

your business address, phone number, fax number and a contact name

Once we have the above information we will fax you back our wholesale poker chips information. Again, our fax number is 678-867-6858.