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Card Shuffler

Playing Card Shuffler

When playing a poker game some people may not be comfortable shuffling the playing cards and some may not want a certain person to shuffle them as they may think that person cannot shuffle well or may try to cheat and somehow shuffle the cards in his/her own favor. When that happens, one of our most popular casino accessories, the card shuffler, would come in handy. You would simply insert the playing cards into the 2 sides of the shuffler and they would be shuffled perfectly for you. It does not really matter what kind of playing cards you use with the playing card shuffler They can be plastic, paper or any other material. So Kem playing cards, bicycle cards, bee cards or copag plastic playing cards would all do just as well.

The card shuffler comes in different sizes and materials. Most automatic playing card shufflers hold anywhere from 2 to 10 decks of playing cards and could be either manual or battery operated. They could also be made of wood, plastic, acrylic, metal or other materials and prices range from $5 to $100 per shuffler. For home games a card shuffler would be a nice complement for your poker tables. Along with dealer buttons and dealer shoes, card shufflers make a nice addition to your poker accessories and would make your games more complete. They are also nice gifts to give especially for people who have problems with their hands and fingers and cannot shuffle to well. Using a card shuffler would also ensure that all the cards in the deck(s) get shuffled properly and that no one on the table gets an unfair advantage.