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Casino Playing Cards

Cancelled casino cards are a very popular type of casino playing cards. These are cards that were previously used in Las Vegas casinos or other casinos around the country. After the casino playing cards have been canceled by the Casinos they are all sold to the public. The companies selling them first check the cards to make sure the decks are complete and then package them for resale. The casino playing cards may have some markings on them as they are used but still make great cards for poker and other types of games. They would be especially nice with some real casino poker chips and give your poker games a nice touch. The casino playing cards could be from any casino such as Golden Nugget, Treasure Island or any of the many casinos out there. The cards are usually included with most poker chip sets. For a nice upgrade from cancelled casino playing cards, plastic playing cards offer the premium poker experience. Plastic playing cards will not mark, dent or tear like traditional paper playing cards and are designed to last up to 100 times longer.