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Casino Poker Chip Info

Casino poker chips are simply chips that are made to the same specifications as real casino chips. They usually look, feel and weight the same as a real casino chip would in either Las Vegas casinos or any other casino around the country. Casino poker chips are usually more expensive than other chips due to the fact that they are mostly made in the USA versus other types of chips which are made in Asia. Some poker chips that you can buy are also actual casino chips used in real casinos and they would be even more expensive and then you could find some casino style poker chips that are made for the general public. You could pay up to $1.50 for a casino chips that has a value of $0.50 on it so the face value of the chips when they were sold in the casinos would have nothing to do with the price that you'd pay for them. We carry casino poker chips from all the name-brand manufacturers such as Casino Da Vinci , Nevada Jack and Paulson Poker Chips.