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Cheap Clay Poker Chips

Sure, the chip is an integral part of any poker game, and there's a ready supply at your nearest discount store. Suppose, though, that you wanted to possess the heavier pieces used in casinos and in tournaments like the World Series of Poker. Although not cheap, clay poker chips are primarily used by professionals. Also available as composites, they are available in the following weights:

    7.5 grams

    8.5 grams

    9.0 grams

    11.5 grams

    13.0 grams

    13.5 grams

Cheap clay poker chips for you

The weight of your poker supply chips is a personal decision. Naturally, the heavier the chip, the higher the price. Many people prefer a heavier chip because it feels better in the hand, stacks better and is easier to handle for tricks. It's a good idea to handle different weights before making up your mind (and our 9-chip sample pack is just the way to try them out.) A gram may only be the approximate weight of a paper clip, but you'd be surprised at the tactile difference between one chip and another of similar weight. Of course, even the 9-gram cheap clay poker chips are a significant improvement over the lightweight, inexpensive plastic options that abound in discount stores. Additionally, the clay chip is available in a wide variety of color combinations rather than one single color. As you may very well imagine, the three-color chip is quite a bit pricier than its single or two-color counterpart. When it comes to your poker supply, chips of various designs and colors are a fun way to personalize your game and more so if you get some custom poker chips.