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Copag Playing Cards

Coapg playing cards

Copag playing cards are made from 100% PVC plastic, an ultra high performing material. They are designed to last up to 100 times longer than a traditional deck of playing cards. Copag playing cards last longer, shuffle better, and slide across tables in a way that you will never want to play with any other deck of cards again. Copag cards will not mark, dent, or crimp under normal playing conditions and they are washable, giving your decks a brand new look for years. Copag plastic playing cards are made in Brazil and are comparable to KEM cards in quality and design. The main difference is the price where Copag cards are about half the price of KEM cards with the same quality and even better packaging.

There are other options if you do not want to spend so much on playing cards but when playing a professional poker game with professional poker chips it would look nicer if you had some nice cards to go with your premium poker chip set. Copag playing cards makes both bridge playing cards and poker playing cards. Copag is the plastic playing cards leader.