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Dealer Button

Dealer button

While it is usually a cheap item, the dealer button is among the most important of all poker accessories. When playing poker games, especially Texas Hold'em, it would help to know who the dealer is so when it comes to putting in the blinds players know exactly who the little blind and big blinds are. The dealer button is given to the person who is dealing the cards and the person immediately after the dealer would be little blind and the person after little blind is the big blind. So if the ante is $10 the little blind would have to commit $5 regardless of what his cards are and if he wants to play that hand or not and the big blind would commit $10, again regardless of his hand. There are also some other buttons other than the dealer button in casino accessories such as missed blind, kill and reserved. If you decide not to use the big blind and small blind buttons in your games, having a poker dealer button by itself would normally be sufficient.