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Different Methods to Customize poker chips

Personalized Poker Chips / Custom Poker Chips
Part of what makes casino poker chips so special is the fact that each casino has its own custom poker chip design. For years, having a set of custom poker chips was reserved for casinos. But now, customized poker chips are becoming more and more popular for home use. Using a relatively inexpensive chip customization process known as hot stamping, customized poker chips are now accessible to the average home poker player for a small premium over the normal cost of a poker chip set.

What is hot stamping?
Hot stamped poker chips is an industrial process that permanently marks objects using heat, pressure, and colored foil. Most people know the result as things like the holograms on driver’s licenses and credit cards, but hot stamping can be used on a variety of objects. Hot stamping is also known as hot foil stamping, gold stamping, foil stamping, foiling, gold blocking, and gold leaf.

How do you hot stamp poker chips?
Chips are hot stamped by positioning a colored foil between a poker chip and a heated metal die, and applying pressure. The foil graphic is permanently transferred to the chip in the places where the raised surfaces of the metal die press down on the foil and the poker chip.

What kind of things can you customize onto poker chips?
We can make custom poker chip sets with just about anything on them. We can print everything from initials, to dollar denominations, to custom company logos. In house, we keep all the necessary dies on hand to personalize your poker chips with dollar denominations, or any combination of three initials.

For more information on adding dollar denominations, initials, or your own custom artwork to chips, click here.