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Discard Tray

Blackjack discard tray

Even though it is called a Blackjack discard tray this tray can be used for many other card games. Its primary purpose is to act as a secure place to put the discarded playing cards once they've been used in hand of blackjack. You would simply place the used cards in the tray and keep them there until all the cards are used and need to be shuffled again. A Blackjack discard tray is normally made of plastic or acrylic material so the cards can be seen from all sides. Blackjack discard trays typically hold anywhere from 1 to 12 decks of playing cards. There are also some more expensive discard trays made of wood, but it is all about your personal taste and preference. For any blackjack lover, a blackjack discard tray is a must-have addition to your casino accessories. We also recommend other poker accessories such as playing card shufflers and poker dealer buttons to add to your authentic casino experience.