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How to build a Poker Table

How to build a poker table

Need poker tables but cannot find the perfect one to suit your needs? If you are handy with tools and woodworks then it should not be too hard for you to figure out how to build a poker table. You would need to find a poker table supply store and then find some custom poker table diagrams to show your how to build a poker table. Of course before building your own table you may want to consider the facts: how much will it cost me, how long will it take, can I make a good poker table, would it not be easier and cheaper to buy one? Some times you can find a used poker table in newspapers or through other sources and if it suits your needs then that may be a better option for you. If you still decide to go ahead and make your own table then other than the lumber you will need some poker table felt, diagrams and padding. All of that may be found at a poker supply store if there is one in your area. It would not hurt if you find a book about how to build a poker table either.