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How to Shuffle Poker Chips

How to shuffle poker chips

Shuffling poker chips is one of the most popular poker chip tricks and it is not all that hard to learn. All it takes is practice and patience to learn and it might help to study our poker chip tricks DVD available to teach you how to shuffle poker chips. Shuffling poker chips while at the table may have an effect on your opponents as they may be intimidated and think of you as a poker shark even if your skills tell different. While watching the World poker tour game on TV you may have noticed some of the players shuffling their poker chips constantly and doing tricks with them. It certainly makes them look more interesting than just sitting there and betting. There are many DVD videos available on the market to help you learn how to shuffle poker chips and Rich Ferguson is one of the poker players that has such a video. Shuffling poker chips during a game can help you look cool, impress friends, intimidate opponents and many others so learn how to shuffle poker chips now.