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KEM Cards

The best Kem cards

Some consider Kem cards the best playing cards in the world. If you think so too, you're in luck because we carry a wide selection! We offer them in regular or super index in both the bridge size or wide poker size. Kem plastic playing cards are a status symbol to some; they certainly are popular. What makes them different is that that are comprised entirely of cellulose acetate, which is the most durable plastic used today in card production. This makes them scuff- and break-resistant and completely washable. Now, haven't you always wanted washable playing cards? If you desire the best in poker chips, supplies and more, these high-quality cards are the way to go.

Besides poker chips and tables, we also carry cards by Copag, Bicycle, and Bee, as well as cards with themes such as Nascar, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Army, Navy, Marines, and Cost Guard. We even carry braille playing cards for the blind. Basically, if it relates to the game of poker, we've got it: poker chips, supplies, cases, playing cards, tables, gambling books, instructional DVDs, felt layouts, electronic games, and more.

Discount poker chips and tables is a direct supplier of everything poker. We actually supply wholesale poker chips, supplies, and accessories to small businesses, so you know you're saving money by shopping with us. Our collection of products are top of the line, professional quality. Basically, if you need it, we've got it, and at a great price. Shipping for any size order is not a problem. In stock goods are headed to your door as soon as possible. Our poker chips and tables will be sent to you quickly and at a very low cost.