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Poker Dealer Accessories

Poker dealer accessories
Poker dealer accessories resources are many. Some are helpful and some are for show. Some of the items you could get when looking for poker dealer accessories are:

Dealer shoes: You would take anywhere from 1 to 12 decks of playing cards, depending on the size of the dealer shoe, and place them in the dealer shoe. The cards would then get dealt from the card dealer shoe to each player. This way nobody can accuse the dealer of dealing from the bottom of the deck or cheating and dealing bad cards.

Dealer button: It is always helpful to know who the dealer is in card games, even if it is obvious to see that the person holding the deck of playing cards is the dealer.

Card shufflers: Some people have problems with their wrists or fingers and cannot shuffle cards too well and some people just do not know how to shuffle well.

Discard tray: Discard trays are used when you need to collect all the cards from the deck before shuffling the cards and dealing again. Traditionally it is used for Blackjack games but other card games could use it also. A blackjack discard tray is also the perfect casino accessory to go with a playing card shuffler.

These are just some of the poker dealer accessories available and there are many more.