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Professional Poker Chips

Looking for some poker chips for your weekly poker night with the guys? There are many styles and grades of poker chips available and you just need to decide which design or quality suits your needs the best. You could go with some clay poker chips or composite chips. Professional poker chips do not necessarily have to be the most expensive chips, it could be the cheap poker chips as well and all you need to do to make them look professional is to put denominations on them by getting some personalized poker chips. You can put any denomination you want on the chips when you get some custom poker chips and make them look like the chips that professionals use. Some people also expect professional poker chips to look and feel like Las Vegas casino chips, some professional chips would have that feel and look but the price would be much higher than other chips. Chips that are designed like Las Vegas casino chips normally start in price at $0.80 and could go up tp $2.50 per chip while other chips go anywhere from $0.05 to $0.35 a piece so there is a big price difference. The main reason for this big price difference is the fact that the more expensive chips or professional poker chips are made in the USA which means higher material/labor/production costs where the cheaper poker chips are usually made in China or Taiwan where all the costs are lower. Simply being made in Asia does not mean that the chips have a lower quality, they are just cheaper to buy. You can also buy real casino poker chips on some web-sites for much higher than the face value of the chips and some of these chips are poker chips that have been retired by the casinos.