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DA VINCI SINGLE CARD REPLACEMENT (#832-PR: Palermo design - Poker size, Normal Index)


We have partnered with DA VINCI PLAYING CARDS to offer an easy online portal for their replacement card program. Please note that replacement cards can only be ordered through this page and we cannot offer this service through online chat, email or phone conversations as once the order is received online it is sent directly to DA VINCI to send out the replacement card(s).


  • This item is for a SINGLE card only and not a complete set of cards
  • The free shipping offer is on replacement cards only and does not apply to any other item on the site. You must select the free shipping option during checkout from the available options
  • Replacement cards are shipped USPS 1st class mail which could take 10 - 14 days to arrive
  • Please make sure you select the correct SKU number from the back of your card box as the same design comes in different sizes and PIP index
  • If you need more than one replacement card add each one to your cart individually
  • Once you have selected the design select the back color
  • After selecting the back color select the suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades)
  • Once you have selected the suit, select the individual card that you need

Disclaimer: Please note that as the replacement card is a brand new card the back color may differ slightly from your existing cards if they have faded over time.