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Unicorn Casino Design all clay poker chips - Set of 50 chips

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SKU 360-BL
OPTIONS: Blue ($1 denomination)

Our Unicorn Casino clay poker chips are the most authentic casino-style clay poker chips you can purchase!  

Looking for the same weight and feel of chips used in poker rooms and casinos? These clay poker chips give you that same experience with a memorable and unique Unicorn design. 

Build your stacks for your at-home games and other poker events! You can buy these Unicorn Casino clay poker chips in any or all of the following denominations: 

  • $1 (blue) 
  • $5 (red) 
  • $10 (pink) 
  • $25 (green) 
  • $50 (gray) 
  • $100 (black) 
  • $500 (white) 
  • $1,000 (yellow) 
  • $5,000 (brown) 
  • $25,000 (orange) 

The Unicorn brand is etched into the edges of the chips. The center features the Unicorn Casino print with denominations. They’re not just all-clay, casino-style poker chips — they’re cool poker chips, too! 

Because of the high quality clay material, these casino chips stack nicely and will not slip. These chips are also available as a complete set with case, cards, and accessories in our poker chips set section.  

No matter how many clay poker chips you need or whether you need a full set, Chips & Games is here to help. 


  • Design: Unicorn Casino clay poker chips 
  • Weight: 9 grams, which is the standard weight used in major casinos 
  • Material: Clay 
  • Authentic casino weight & feel for a superior playing experience