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Unicorn Casino clay poker chips set with plastic playing cards in black soft shell case - 300 chips

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SKU 300-EVA-360

300 9 gram Unicorn all clay poker chips in a black soft shell proof case with plastic playing cards. The Unicorn Casino poker chips are one the highest quality clay poker chips in the market and are similar to casino poker chips in quality, looks and feel.  The case is light weight yet heavy duty and made of materials similar to heavy duty suitcases. The set also comes complete with 100% plastic playing cards, cut cards & dealer buttons. Other denominations of Unicorn Casino poker chips can also be purchased in packs of 50 in our poker chips section.


  • Soft shell poker chips case with carry strap - 300 chip capacity
  • Case is heavy duty yet light weight and made of similar material as heavy duty suitcases
  • 8.5 gram clay poker chips with the UNICORN CASINO design
    • 75 Blue $1 chips
    • 100 Red $5 chips
    • 50 Green $25 chips
    • 50 Black $100 chips
    • 25 White $500 chips
  • 2 decks of 100% plastic playing cards also included
  • 2 cut cards
  • Dealer button, Big blind, Little blind, Missed blind, Kill & Reserved