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playing cards

Playing cards are the most important thing in gambling and playing poker. Playing cards were invented in 1370 in Europe. Some say they first appeared in Italy and the others say it was in Spain. First playing cards were fully hand-painted and it was a very artistic product for those days. We have 4 groups of cards and each of them has 13 cards, so totally we have 52 cards without joker.

four types of playing cards

We have 4 groups of cards:

  • diamonds
  • hearts
  • clubs
  • spades

Diamonds and hearts are red, clubs and spades are black.

As we said at the beginning of the blog, we have 13 cards for each of these groups. A big part of these 13 cards are numbers that start with 2 and end up with 10 rest of them are one J card that stands for jack, one Q card that stands for queen, one K card that stands for king and one A card that stands for ace.

diamonds and hearts playing cards

Diamonds are red and shaped like two triangles stick together (from the long side).

Hearts are also red and it looks like a heart.

clubs and spades playing cards

They are both black. Clubs cards are shaped like coriander and spades card is an upside down black heart with a stalk at its base.

playing cards ranking

Attention: this ranking is something general and it’s not valid for every game.

The ranking of numeric cards is normal and it’s just like math, number 10 is at the top and number 2 has the lowest value between cards.

what we can play with playing cards

There are many games that we can play with playing cards here are some famous of them:

  • poker
  • Rummy
  • blackjack
  • crazy eight


poker game

I think poker is the most famous game on our list. This game has a direct connection with playing cards. You also need other things for playing pokers like chips and…

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You can buy high-quality custom poker chips for playing poker at home with your friends.

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blackjack game

This one is very famous and popular in casinos. We play this game with playing cards and poker chips. The rules in this game are interesting and it’s a very fun and cool game to play with your friends. It is based on chance so it’s a very risk full game and sometimes you have to make a difficult decision, one little mistake makes you a loser.

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