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everything about clay poker chips

The chips made with a combination of clay and plastic are called clay poker chips.

These chips have better durability and make you feel better when you are playing poker with these chips.

These chips are made with high quality materials. This is why they are more expensive than the other poker chips but trust me, they are worth it. we have clay poker chips with wide designs and colors, also you can customize them and watch the result before you buy.

Check out our poker chips page for more information.

what is inside clay poker chips

It depends on the material of poker chips, for example in some materials they use metal to add weight and make the chip feel more professional. You may have heard about RFID in poker chips, so we talk about it later in this blog. Clay poker chips are made of clay and plastic and their weight is something between 10 and 15 grams.

clean clay poker chips!

So after a while, you will notice dirt on poker chips and you have to clean it. in this part, I’ll give you some advice on how clean your chips.

First of all, don’t use any abrasive things for cleaning, this may scratch your chips. Use a soft brush for cleaning and don’t let your chips be wet, dry your chip after cleaning.

If your chips are hot stamped, don’t use a brush because it will damage your chips, rub your finger very slowly instead of a brush.

You can also use some cleaning liquids such as dishwashing. Rub slowly dishwashing liquid with brush and wash it with water but as we say don’t forget to dry it after all these steps.

does chips have RFID?

Some casinos use a chip in their poker chips. This chip works with radio frequency and it’s called RFID. It doesn’t matter how the chip is thin and made from what, it can be clay poker chips or composite or even ceramic, they use this technology for security reasons. Thanks to this technology, all of the chips are identified with RFID.

How much do clay poker chips cost?

We can’t answer easily because it depends on the quality and the model you choose. But if you are looking for a poker chip sets with clay poker chips costs something between 89-140 $. Case material and the number of chips affect the price. You can buy clay poker chip sets on our website and. contact us for more information.

real clay poker chips

We have two types of clay poker chips to buy:

  • clay poker chips
  • clay composite

These two are not the same and the materials are different too. Clay composite is cheaper than real clay but they are not as good as real poker. Fortunately, we have both materials on our website and you can order what you want with good value. You can also customize it and put your picture or logo on your chips.

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