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Poker hands

Poker game is based on two groups of cards:

1-     Cards in your hand

2-     Cards on the table

the player that can make a better hand with these 2 groups, is our winner.

We have 10 different poker hands and we talk about it later on this blog. let’s see how we start a poker game. First of all, dealer gives every player two cards then put 5 more cards on the table. Now every player must make poker hands situations with cards on the table and the cards in their hands

poker hands ranking

As we say we have 10 poker hands, we write 10 poker hands for you below and we ranked them from high to low this means the top of the list is the most valuable hand during the game:

  • royal flush
  • straight flush
  • four of a kind
  • full house
  • flush
  • straight
  • three of a kind
  • two pair
  • pair
  • high cards

high cards

This poker hand means you have at least one card in your hand with a high ranking like A or K or Q or J.

You can read more about these rankings in our playing cards blog.


This is one of the basic poker hands that means you have a pair of cards in your hands for example you have a 6 card in your hand and one of the cards on the table is 6 too. In this situation, we have pair of poker hands.

two pair

This is just like a pair situation but it’s double pair. For example, you got king and 6 in your hands and we have king and 6 on the table too so this situation in poker hands is called two pairs.

three of a kind

As we say it, it is three of a kind! So when imagine you have a pair of 2 in your hands. Then you realized that one of the cards on the table is 2. In the end, you can see three 2 in your hands and on the table.

We call this situation “three of a kind” in poker hands.


Straight means you have 5 cards of sequential rank like 2,3,4,5,6. For example, think you have 3 and 7 in your hands and on the table we got 4,5,6 so in this situation you have a straight hand.


In this situation one thing is very important, that is suits of cards! This means you need 5 cards with the same suit in the game like two hearts in your hands and 3 more hearts on the table. In poker hands, we call this situation Flush.

full house

This is one of the most powerful in hand in the game. This hand means on pair and a three of a kind together. for example, if you have 6 and 8 in your hand you need one 6 and two 8 on the table for making a full house situation.

four of a kind

It is four of a kind! In poker hands, when you have 4 same cards from 4 different suits, you have four of a kind, like you have four A cards in your hands and table.

straight flush

It is straight and flush hand together. so when you have 5 sequential cards with the same suits, you are in the straight flush situation.

royal flush

This hand is just like straight flush just with one rule! That is the 5 cards must be A, K, Q, J, and 10.

This is the most powerful hand among all 10 types of poker hands.

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