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Poker Night Startup Guide: Poker Chip Distribution

A group of friends enjoys an at-home poker game

Are you looking to raise the stakes at your next at-home poker night? Start by learning the ins and outs of poker chip distribution!

We realize that distributing chips at the start of a game can involve some tricky math. The number of players, minimum buy-in, and chip value all play a role. We’ve created this guide to break the process down into its simplest elements. You’ll learn everything you need to know to confidently host a professional-looking poker night event! 

Continue reading to learn how to distribute poker chips at any home game. 

Gather Your Chips

The number of players will determine the number of chips you need. As a general rule, expect to budget 50 chips per player.

Many home players invest in a poker chip set. For poker chip distribution for 6 players or less, you will need a standard set with approximately 300 pieces. If you’re hosting more than six players, invest in a 500-piece chip set. 

In most cases, a 5 color poker chip distribution is appropriate. If you’re playing a high-stakes game, you can play with 6 or 7 colors, Vegas-style. 

Know Your Poker Chip Values

Chip value plays a role in determining the chip distribution for your poker game. Most people assign the following values to their chips for at-home games:

  • White Chips: $1
  • Red Chips: $5
  • Blue Chips: $10
  • Green Chips: $25
  • Black Chips: $100

Feel free to tailor these values to your individual game and rules, especially if you’re playing a cash game. 

Determine Your Minimum and Maximum Buy-In

At at-home games, most people set a minimum buy-in of 20 times big blind (20bb). It is common to set a maximum buy-info about 100 times big blind (100bb). In a big blind distribution,  assuming big blind is $2, 20bb is worth $40, 50bb is worth $100, and 100bb is worth $200.

Here’s a sample 4 player poker chip distribution for a game that uses standard chip values and the above rules:

  • 20bb ($40): 10 white, 4 red, 1 blue
  • 50bb ($100): 10 white, 10 red, 4 blue
  • 100bb ($200): 10 white, 10 red, 9 blue, 2 green 
  • Shrinking the Stakes

    For a small at home poker game or tournament, don’t be afraid to shrink the stakes. It’s a fun way to keep things friendly and affordable.

    In a low-stakes, 3 color game, consider the following chip values: 

  • White Chips: $0.10
  • Red Chips: $0.25
  • Blue Chips: $1.00
  • At this scale, you can keep the buy-in at $10 (40bb) or $25 (100bb). Consider the following starting distribution:

  • 40bb ($10): 10 white, 8 red, 7 blue
  • 100bb ($25): 20 white, 16 red, 14 blue
  • This low-stakes setup keeps things competitive but reduces the amount of money each player can lose. It is rare for any one player to lose more than $50. 

    Start Game Night Strong With Custom Poker Chips

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