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Poker Strategy

Poker Strategy
Poker is a game of strategy, knowledge and experience. If you are a serious poker player, learning to play poker is a journey that takes time and a commitment to study. Whether you are a novice poker player and would like to learn basic poker rules and poker strategy or an advanced poker player looking to polish your poker skills, we have the learning tools to help keep you on top of the competition. While there is no substitute for experience playing, you can leapfrog the competition by simply learning from the right sources. Those sources are gaming books and DVDs from the experts of poker that you've heard of time and time again on TV and in print: names like Howard Lederer, John Patrick, Phill Laak, Antonio Esfandiari, Andy Bloch and more. Learn advanced poker strategy from the best in gaming books and DVDs to raise your game to the next level. For more information on poker strategy have a look at the articles below.

How to shuffle poker chips
If you want to look cool, intimidate opponents or impress your friends then you need to learn some poker chip tricks and shuffle your chips.

Poker chip tricks
Learn how to do poker chip tricks like the pros and impress your friends.

Texas Hold’em Strategy
Learn some tricks and see some tips for your next Texas Hold'em game

History of Word Series of Poker
See how the game started and where it got its roots

Casino Chip Denominations
See what poker chip colors represent what denominations

Recommended number of poker chips for home games
Not sure how many chips you may need for your home games?

Poker hand ranks
Not sure how your poker hand ranks compared to other hands?

Poker winning odds
Learn the odds of winning in poker

History of Poker
Like everything else Poker had a start. See where it started