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Poker Tables

Poker Tables are the perfect way to make your home poker game feel like a real casino game. A big part of the Las Vegas poker playing experience is the look and feel of that green casino felt playing surface. Nothing reminds you that you're playing poker huddled around your kitchen table like the sound of a stack of poker chips hitting a hard wood surface. You can remedy this easily with one of our many poker tables and poker table tops. Poker gaming tables offer the most authentic feel for home poker games with features like padded leather rails, green felt playing surfaces, and sometimes gaming chip and drink holders. The only problem with poker tables is that they take up a lot of space and you need a dedicated area just for poker. If you would like to have the look and feel of a poker table but use your existing furniture, we recommend poker table tops. Poker table tops simply fit right on top of your existing table and convert the playing surface into that of an authentic poker table with green poker felt. Some poker table tops even come with drink holders or chip trays. The other advantage to poker table tops is that they are portable. Most poker table tops are relatively light weight and fold for easy storage and transportation. If you are a handyman and would like to build a poker table, we carry poker felt layouts that come complete with a poker or blackjack design already printed on the felt. These are also great for travel, as they can be folded and packed, and for people who simply want a felt playing surface but don't feel they need a complete poker table top. For more information on poker tables and poker table tops please view the articles below.

Poker tables
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