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About Real Clay Poker Chips

Clay Poker Chips

Real clay poker chips are considered to be the premium type of poker chips for the home market. When shopping for poker chips you have your choice of several types of poker chips including composite poker chips, but for the most authentic home casino experience we recommend clay poker chips. In the old days, casino poker chips were made from clay. While modern casino poker chips are made from a number of proprietary blends of clay, composites and ceramics, the best feeling poker chips are still made from clay, which is why clay is so popular for home poker chips. Real clay poker chips offer superior feel and sound compared with less expensive composite poker chips. This is not to discount the value of composite poker chips. Composite poker chips offer a great value and if you are looking for a quality set of cheap poker chips, composite poker chips are the way to go. Please read the articles below for more information on composite and real clay poker chips.

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