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Playing Cards

Playing cards are generally of 3 different types. They can be made of paper, plastic or paper with plastic coating. Generally plastic playing cards such as KEM cards or Copag cards are considered the best in the market. They would last longer , usually with a lifetime warranty, and are washable. The only negative side is that they cost more than paper cards. A set of plastic playing cards can go anywhere in price from $10 to $40 while paper cards are normally under $5. When it comes to paper cards Bicycle and Bee make the best cards in the market. Both Bicycle and Bee also make commemorative cards for celebrities, occasions, sports and organizations. There are Nascar cards, Elvis cards, Marilyn Monroe cards, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Harley Davidson, Coca Cola, Jack Daniel, Anheiser Bush, Heineken and many more cards. Much more to list.

KEM playing cards
One of the oldest and most famous names in plastic playing cards

Copag playing Cards
Comparable to KEM cards in every aspect, just much cheaper in price

Bicycle playing cards
Quality made paper cards in many designs

Bee playing cards
Paper cards in many different designs and sizes

Canceled casino playing cards
Cards previously used in Las Vegas casinos and other casinos