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About Plastic Playing Cards

Plastic Playing Cards

Plastic playing cards offer the best playing card experience available. When comparing plastic playing cards to traditional paper or cardboard playing cards there are several things to take into consideration. Paper playing cards suffer from one fatal flaw that detracts from their value: they are not very durable. Paper cards can be torn, marked, dented, creased or warped very easily. Plastic playing cards, on the other hand, are not susceptible to any of these flaws. Plastic playing cards such as KEM playing cards are designed to last up to 100 times longer than a traditional deck of paper playing cards. Plastic playing cards will not mark, tear, dent or crease under normal playing conditions and best of all, plastic playing cards are washable so a spilled drink no longer means the whole deck is ruined. If you spill a drink on a set of plastic playing cards you can simply wash the cards off with a damp cloth and they'll be good as new. Plastic playing cards are not just more durable than traditional playing cards, they feel better too. Plastic playing cards shuffle better and slide across the table in a way that will make you wonder how you ever got by playing with your old paper playing cards. Our articles below offer information on several popular brands of plastic playing cards such as Da Vinci Plastic Playing Cards.

Playing cards
Learn all about playing cards and what types and kinds that are available. Learn about KEM cards, Copag cards, Bicycle playing cards, BEE playing cards and plastic playing cards.

KEM playing cards
One of the oldest and most famous names in plastic playing cards

Copag playing cards
Comparable to KEM cards in every aspect, just much cheaper in price

Bicycle playing cards
Quality made paper cards in many designs

Bee playing cards
Paper cards in many different designs and sizes

Canceled casino playing cards
Cards previously used in Las Vegas casinos and other casinos

Plastic playing cards
For the finest playing cards available we recommend plastic playing cards.